Keto Basics

To get the best benefits from the Keto diet, you have to do it right and understand what you can and cannot eat. Although it’s better said what you do and you what you don’t eat. I read this a while ago and I believe it makes a lot of sense and helps your mind seeing the changes as your choice and not as an imposement.

So if someone asks you if you want some biscuits and you know that biscuit has 10 grams of sugar at least, it’s best you say ‘I don’t eat biscuits’ instead of saying ‘I can’t eat biscuits.’ This also trains your body & mind that it’s your choice and you don’t want to eat that but thus you will not be seeing it as a restriction imposed to you by this Keto lifestyle. Well then, you also avoid answering a series of questions of why you can’t eat and then having to explain about your Keto choices and how it works for you.

  • Meat, fish, eggs – good fats and proteins.
  • Vegetables growing above the ground and only berries as fruits. Beetroot, celeriac, carrots, onions, garlic all in moderation.
  • High-fat dairy – Natural fats like butter, double cream, cheese, cheddar, coconut or olive oil.
  • Almond, coconut milk – unsweetened
  • Almond and Coconut flour as they are high in fibres.

If you are seriously thinking to start on a Keto diet, I highly recommend reading these two books:

Options for each time of the day 

Keto Coffee Latte
Keto Waffles
Pancetta and Eggs
Protein Bars
Protein Smoothie
Fat Boms
Flax Crakers
Tuna Salad with Celery sticks
Egg Mayonese salad with Cucumber sticks
Cheese sticks
Cheddar sticks
Grilled chicken & Veggies
Pork belly, Eggs & Veggies
Lettuce Wrap sandwich with Avocado and Chicken breast
Fathead pizza
Beef steak with green salad
Keto Lasagna
Mushroom Burgers
Beef steak with green salad
Roasted chicken with cauliflower mash
Fish & veggies
Steak & veggies
Chessy Broccoli & Cauliflower
Zoodles with minced beef & sauce
Grilled Zuchini
Grilled Aubergines
Grilled cauliflower
Grilled Broccoli
Mushrooms with cheese
Keto Lasagna
Mushroom Burgers
Porky Bites
Protein bars
No added sugar chocolate
Cucumber sticks
Olives with greek cheese and olive oil
Fat bombs
Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Just a few yummy options:

*MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) is believed to be metabolised more easily by the body than standard coconut oil. This is due to the removal of the long chain fatty acids and lauric acid. It is rapidly digested and absorped, and are thought to provide a useful energy source.

What you should avoid, or only have in small amounts

  • Seeds, Nuts – although healthy fats, they need to be eaten in moderation.
  • Some cheese is higher in carbs than others. Check the labels carefully.

Avoid Completely in the Keto Diet

  • Grain/Starchy Products: Bread, Doughnuts, cakes made with Wheat
  • Beans, peas, white flours, pasta, rice, cornflour, sweetcorn
  • Fruits: bananas, oranges, apples – all fruits except berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries etc) which can be eaten in moderation. Fruits have a high amount of fructose.
  • Any product high in sugars, either natural or processed sugars

Recommended Keto Flours

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