Dec 082019

Cauliflower Florets Soured Soup

Cauliflower Florets Soured Soup

I do love my creamy cauliflower soup, but this cauliflower soup is something different – that we all love and always ask for more. You have to give it a try. It is important you…Continue Reading

Oct 272019

Cucumber & Zucchini Soup

Soup Cucumber & Zucchini

This soup is one of the best things to combat the Keto flu. It’s sour and salty and it is full of flavours. This one is quick to make but needs to be prepared well…Continue Reading

Oct 202019

Autumn Cabbage Soup

Serve with a tbsp of sour cream Autumn Cabbage Soup

This cabbage soup is famous in lots of weight loss diets but also for its impressive nutrient profile. It’s full with vitamins and micro-nutrients, including vitamin A, iron and riboflavin. Cabbage,in general, is also rich…Continue Reading

Oct 162019

Sour Chicken Soup a la Grec

Sour Chicken Soup a la Grec

On a rainy, cold day, there’s nothing better than a hot soup and a warm blanket. This was one of my favourite soups from my early 20s and I make it quite often. When I…Continue Reading

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