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Cheese Doughnuts

There was a time when I was buying these fluffy cheese doughnuts every week. There was this nice place in our Mall and they were serving them either with sour cream and jam, Nutela or chocolate sauce, or Vanilla ice cream! I was so in love with these cheese doughnuts. But then we moved and gradually I started to forget my loved cheese doughnuts until one day when I really fancied one and I couldn’t buy them anymore. Well I asked around and tried a few recipes until I made the perfect cheese doughnuts! the secret is to fry them over medium heat and not rush them to fry! Oh, these doughnuts are made to impress and I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love them. I usually make 6 large cheese doughnuts but as easy you can make 12 smaller ones.
One 160 g doughnut has about 35 Net carbs and that’s far more less than you get in 100 g of plain bread! I usually eat one of this either for breakfast or lunch and it will be enough for hours.

Cheese Doughnuts

With the ingredients listed below, I made about 6 doughnuts. Each doughnut was weighted so the ring will have exactly 140 grams and another 40 grams for the dough ball.

One simple doughnut only has 362 calories and 37 grams of Net carbs. For their toppings, I usually make my own Blackberry Jelly Sauce but you can use your favourite jam.



1. In a medium bowl, add cottage cheese, pinch of pink salt, the lemon extract which you may skip or substitute with your preferred extract, sweetener, lemon zest and baking soda. Mix all ingredients together.

2. Add the flour gradually and continue to knead until the flour is well incorporated. The dough will be a little sticky.

Let it rest for 15 minutes Cheese Doughnuts

3. Cover the dough with a clean tea towel and let it rest in a warm place for 15 minutes.

Use flour to form a large ball Cheese Doughnuts

4. After 10 minutes, take 120 g of the dough. Use a Kitchen scale to weight it. Shape the doughnut by making a large ball and then flatten it and make a whole in the middle. The cheese doughnuts will look like bagels. Also take 40 g from the dough and shape it into a ball. From the dough, make 6 cheese doughnuts and 6 balls.

Knead the dough in 12 balls Cheese Doughnuts

5. Add cooking oil in a medium size skillet and add the skillet over medium heat. It is very important the oil and the heat is not high and the doughnuts will be fried for 2-3 minutes on each side. When fried over a low-medium heat (knob on 3), the doughnuts will be also done inside. Other wise we risk to have raw dough inside.

6. When the cooking oil is almost hot, place a doughnut and some small balls in it.

.. until the doughnuts are golden brown Cheese Doughnuts

7. Fry each doughnut over medium heat for 2-3 minutes until they get golden brown. After 5-6 minutes, place the doughnut and its ball on paper towel to absorb the oil. Continue with the next doughnut and ball until all of them are fried.

Match each ring with a doughnut ball Cheese Doughnuts

8. Place the doughnuts on a serving plate and top them with sour cream and homemade jam.

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