Oct 252019
Cheddar Chaffle

Cheddar waffles option for my mornings and lunches

Cheddar waffles are another yummy option for my mornings and lunches, and I often choose cheddar over mozzarella as cheddar has less carbs than mozzarella and for this recipe I can also afford to add some almond flour for a more bread like taste.

Option for my mornings and lunches Cheddar Chaffle

This makes a really great lunch when topped with half of an avocado.

The chaffle only has 302 calories with 3g Net carbs, 18 g of Protein, 24 g of Fat



Insert the non stick waffle plates into the waffle maker and preheat the appliance. Just to be safe, I spray with a bit of oil the plates before I start pouring in the cheddar chaffle mixture.


1. Preheat your waffle or chaffle maker.

2. In a small bowl, beat one large eggs with a fork.

3. Add 50 grams grated cheddar, one tablespoon of cream cheese, one tablespoon of almond flour and garlic granules.

4. Whisk them together until well combined.

4. Spray with cooking oil the heated waffle plates and pour the mixture in. 5. Close the waffle maker and cook for 7-8 minutes until the chaffle becomes lightly brown. With the mixture above, you can make one large chaffle or two mini chaffles if you use the Mini Waffle maker for individual Waffles.

Slice half of an avocado, sprinkle it with Pink salt and olive oil, maybe add a few mix Italian Salad leaves, and make a great green, healthy sandwich with the cheddar waffle. I’m not keen to add poached eggs, ham or additional cheese or other burger toppings and make out of this chaffles a large burger because, the chaffle itself already has egg and cheese and then it will soon become a caloric bomb.

Topped only with half of an avocado, you will have a total of 443 calories made of 38g of fat, 3.5 g Net Carbs and 19g of Protein.

Enjoy life and enjoy your food!

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