Nov 202019

My Special Sugar Free Tiramisu

Sugar Free Tiramisu

Yes, you can have Tiramisu while on a diet! Although the cream layers are rich, luxurious and sweet, it has no sugar and it’s very low on carbs. It was my first week on Keto…Continue Reading

Oct 082019

Keto Coffee Latte

Keto Coffee Latte

When the morning takes you by surprise!
A single serving of keto coffee latte has 311 calories but it fuels your body with 31g of Fat and only 1g Carbs. This keto coffee latte is a fat burning coffee and it keeps me going for a few good hours. It has a lot of fat (48%) and it helps you fuel your body with the necessary amount of fat to reach ketosis, the state your body is when it starts burning fat as a first source of energy.

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